Kamoso project presentation

September 9, 2009

After few months of non-continued work, we are proud to announce Kamoso (version codenamed Dalí, named after some artist), which is a webcam application for the KDE Workspace.

Kamoso is a utility that does the very simple actions a webcam offers: like taking pictures or recording video and adds some extra features that will make the webcam usage both funnier and more useful. We are focusing on three types of features: stability, integration and fun. Simplicity means that the program should be reliable and stable, integration means that we want Kamoso to be integrated to the user workflow and we mainly achieve that with some web 2.0 services integration and, finally, fun means that we want Kamoso to be the kind of application we would enjoy to play with.

The feature list of our first version is not very large, but it already includes some points that are currently missed by the other webcam applications such as Facebook and Youtube integration and flawless video recording using voice.

Without further ado, here we will try to show you some of the features you will find in Kamoso plus some FAQ to vanish any kind of doubt. We hope you like it and, if you want to contribute just tell us. There’s plenty of stuff you can do to help!



(if you want the guy’s phonenumber just ask him 😉 )


– Why are you using VLC?

Our first idea was to use the AVDevice component from Kopete. We had it until before summer, you can check it if you want to. The problem was it was too hard to use it to create videos, so we switched to VLC which makes all the code very simple yet very functional.

– What is the relationship between Kamoso and KDE?

We would like Kamoso to become a KDE application, we just wanted some release to get some feedback and to feed our ego 🙂 . Our intention is to get it into KDE or KDE-Extragear at some point soon.

– Future

We have tons of ideas to get Kamoso better. We want effects, we want better KDE integration and first of all, we want to know what you all think about the application to know what we lack the most.

– How can I help?

There’s plenty of ways you can help us: we need better integration with 3rd party services, we need artwork, we need translations, we need packaging, we need ideas and we need users. 🙂

For any comment just comment here or contact us at:

Alex Fiestas: alex@eyeos.org, afiestas on IRC

Aleix Pol: aleixpol@kde.org, apol on IRC




  1. […] Kamoso project presentation « Kamoso's Blog a few seconds ago from choqoK […]

  2. […] Kamoso project presentation « Kamoso's Blog a few seconds ago from choqoK […]

  3. Goooooooooooood new!!! I was waiting of an application webcam since a while!!
    I have a lot idea for you!

    You need first to change the widget design, need to be clean and simple.
    You need to use KXmlMainWindow.
    For the video effects, I suggest you to use openCV.
    I suggest to create a webcam config in systemseetings, create an avatar system for kde users.
    For a best effect rendering, you can use the openGL shaders .

  4. Awesome project \o/

  5. phonon doesnt provide some way to acces the “webcam”?, or you have to write your own “way”, or in this case use the code from kopete?

  6. Very nice and quite promising stuff indeed!

    Looking forward to deeper integration with the KDE.

    Keep up the good/genuine work!


  7. Where can i download it? Where’s the source code?

  8. Nice. Thank you for making this.
    I’m waiting for this in opensuse repos.

    It could also be nice with a plasma applet to show your webcam. Or at least make it in the libs(or a lib?) to make webcam easy possible in plasma. Some effects could then be cool, like switching desktop in kwin, or cube animation with you on a “mirror” 🙂

    Please help making a lib for this.

  9. Alex, Aleix, did you think about integration with other KDE applications, say for example KolourPaint? Drawing software mostly comes with something like an “import” function, letting you grab an image from a scanner or a camera. KolourPaint does that already, but makes it very difficult for cameras, as you can’t adjust brightness and such live – each time you need to do a preview, as if a webcam was the same as a scanner.

    My point is, your application could possibly be integrated there, and provide a nice connection and a default path towards the functionality you are offering – limited to still pictures though.

    Just an idea, thanks for you work. I just got myself a Logitech webcam and I’m amazed how easily everything works out on Linux&KDE. It’s really Plug&Play, where as Windows seems to require you to install from CD.
    – Christoph

  10. Great!


  11. Wow! Great to see that there is webcam applications coming! Nice work!

  12. Good job, man!
    I’m going to try it out!


  13. Rase toi la barbe

  14. Gah, having vlc as a dependency it’s not so cool
    but the app is great and really needed!

    Thanks for your software 🙂

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