Last entry in the kde planet!

November 30, 2009

Hi everybody! This is not a technical or feature post, so just read it if you follow this blog through Planet KDE.

When we decided to create this blog, we did it because we didn’t want to flood KDE’s planet with Kamoso related posts in each of our blogs, so centralizing it looked like a nice way to tell the people what’s going on in the Kamoso universe. Now it seems that KDE planet is only for personal blogs  (this makes sense to maintain the human-relation stuff), so we’re forced to remove the blog from the planet.

Anyway we’re going to continue with this blog, you will find more articles from now on, limiting short announcements.

So to summarize: If you want to continue following this blog, please add it to your feed reader, bookmark or whatever do you use to follow blogs.

See you soon!

Policy change commit



  1. Which is kind of sad, I see planet.kde as way to get a picture of KDE life, and kamoso is part of that life too (and I don’t see the difference between a personal blog speaking about kamoso, or kamoso developers speaking together about it).

  2. I agree with Cyrille. Ihere has not been any abuse of the planet by projects yet, or am I missing something?
    Anyway, will there be an easy way of following project blogs?

  3. Where does this policy change come from?

    I didn’t see anything about it on k-c-d, kde-promo or anywhere else.

    • It’s not a new policy. I once requested adding Kdenlive’s blog. It was refused with the same reason.
      I guess it was just forgotten to write the policy down.

  4. Ok… I am a little bit saddened by this. I would have thought that it would have gone the other way where it was stated that the planet was only for updates to KDE related progress. I have subscribed to the planet to get information on the progress of KDE and am actually kind of annoyed by hearing about what particular food one of the developers like. Is there an aggregated feed of news that is particular about the development of the applications in KDE?

  5. I’m not at all surprised to read about what food the developer likes and I think there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

    I am KDE, we are KDE. KDE isn’t the application, KDE is the community.

    Of course having said that there’s also nothing wrong with developers blogging about release updates, the digiKam guys do it all the time and I don’t think anybody minds.

  6. To previous commenters: This is not about forbidding news about applications on PlanetKDE at all. It is about not wanting anonymous application blogs there. The authors can blog about the same content in their blogs. We want a name and face attached to it. Not the name of an app without knowing who is behind it. I hope you can understand that 🙂

  7. Why don’t you Kamoso guys simply change your blog to show name and image of the person posting to the Kamoso blog like it is done by the Digikam and Amarok blogs?

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