Kamoso TODO

We’ll be updating this page constantly to inform about our roadmap. Remember that we’re working without schedules, so please, don’t ask for dates!

TODO for > 1.0

  1. Full youtube support (know when the video is full available)
  2. Better “countdown”, we need ideas!
  3. Kipi-plugins integration
  4. Firsts effects will take place.
  5. Full control over the webcam (brightness etc)
  6. Better “Flash widget”
  7. Fullscreen interface


  1. At the moment i’m using cheese on KDE, but this should solve that! the day that KDE has a webcam application to rival Apple’s PhotoBooth will be one to remember – i hope you guys can do it!

  2. Here is what I would like to see in Kamoso:

    First of all – fix the sound so it will use pulse audio and play nicely along with other applications on my system!

    With support for YouTube (and later maybe other video sharing sites) it would be nice to take it in the direction of a video podcasting application.

    Put a soundmeter on the side of the picture that shows the audio level when you are recording. It is called a peak meter.

    Add a teleprompter function that can load plain text files and scroll them. This will help A LOT for those that want to prepare what they are going to say in a video podcast (vidcast). You have to be able to adjust the scroll speed, size of letters, font and if it should be white on black or black on white.

    Another thing that would be incredibly cool is the ability to load a presentation from OpenOffice Impress (or a PowerPoint file) and mix it with the live video. This way you could give an on-camera presentation and cut/dissolve to slides from your presentation while still recording sound from the microphone.

    These features would blow everything else out of the water. I think more focus on a little serious use cases and less focus on “playtime stuff” will make a great application. KDE needs applications that appeal to business users.

  3. Kamoso windows is too big for netbooks! I can’t access the lower part of the window. Please make it resizable, or add a widescreen mode like Cheese (which I installed only after kamoso, after i found out fthe aforementioned problem)!

  4. need scary flash! ))
    its be fun!
    when user photo (этот ебаный англицкий)….
    i bad talk english (im belorusian)

    after google translate =
    When the user presses the button to the photo after the countdown instead of the flash appears a terrible picture, program cellphone frightened face

  5. Need to fix the recordings of the videos. It was played as fast forward without the sounds, when I already checked the record audio option.

  6. I tried to record and the audio was good but the video was too fast. It was out of sync with the sound. Is there a fix with it.

  7. The video recording quality is much better comparing to Cheese, but the problem I’m facing is that the video is too fast and the audio is out of sync. Please fix it! : )

    Thanks for providing us this great app,


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